What was your first Lambretta?

If you've not seen the latest edition 20 of ScooterNova magazine yet, one of the most popular features inside seems to be the overview of the Lambretta J-range, the smallframe rivals to the little Vespas from Piaggio. Apart from the history of the model from development and through production, the  article looks at the growing … Continue reading What was your first Lambretta?

Full of scooter goodness!

Edition 20 of ScooterNova magazine is at the printers and if you've not ordered your copy yet, there's no time like the present! Despite restrictions we've put together one hell of a magazine for you all, with some fantastic articles by some amazing people. Vittorio Tessera reveals a rare Innocenti experimental 200cc Lambretta engine that … Continue reading Full of scooter goodness!

Amphibious Lambretta J-range on film

Doing the rounds recently amongst the daily newspapers, is a story of a chap who has discovered a load of old photos from somewhere in Kent, among which is a 1960s press photo of a Lambretta being 'ridden' in the water off the beach in Brighton. Chris Hodge is the chap in question, from Chislehurst, … Continue reading Amphibious Lambretta J-range on film

EuroLambretta 2014 – Welcome to Davos, Switzerland

Here are a few photographs direct from the 2014 EuroLambretta rally in (mainly) sunny Switzerland. We had a great ride with some amazing scenery, fantastic roads, plenty of twist mountain passes and good friends. At the rally there was plenty to see and drool over for anyone, even with just a passing interest in Lambrettas, … Continue reading EuroLambretta 2014 – Welcome to Davos, Switzerland

A baby Lambretta

A cruel person could suggest that the glamorous model is with this Lambretta in a desperate attempt to sell an unpopular model. We're not like that though, owning a Starstream Lambretta does that to you! The fact is it wasn't that unpopular, it's just that the Vespa small frames sold more and the late 60s … Continue reading A baby Lambretta

Lambretta Starstream

What is there not to like about a Lambretta J-range? The Junior range of Lambrettas were introduced by Innocenti in the 1960s in an attempt to capture the then emerging market for lightweight, small capacity scooters. Although thousands were sold, they weren't really a success, the rival Vespa cornering the market with their arguably more … Continue reading Lambretta Starstream

The Innocenti Lambretta Factory – from Specials to J range

We love looking at old scooter factory images because A) we love old scooters, and B) they can often reveal a few extra details that scooter anoraks (like us!) find REALLY interesting. Take this photograph here for example, from circa 1965 we reckon. For a start, it's a wonderful snapshot of Lambretta production lines in … Continue reading The Innocenti Lambretta Factory – from Specials to J range