What was your first Lambretta?

If you've not seen the latest edition 20 of ScooterNova magazine yet, one of the most popular features inside seems to be the overview of the Lambretta J-range, the smallframe rivals to the little Vespas from Piaggio. Apart from the history of the model from development and through production, the  article looks at the growing … Continue reading What was your first Lambretta?

NEW! 305cc Lambretta Kit

Previewed a few months ago, Rimini Lambretta Centre have recently posted some more photographs and information of the forthcoming Casa Lambretta 305cc kit and brand new engine casings to boot. Apparently this new 305cc Casa Lambretta engine was made by BSG. BSG are Italians Fabio Begani, Stefano Scauri and Alessandro Graiani who are behind a CNC aluminium … Continue reading NEW! 305cc Lambretta Kit