ScooterNova is the independent scooter magazine for scooter enthusiasts.

Following demand for a quality publication produced by scooterists with knowledge and passion for scooters, ScooterNova launched in 2017. The magazine features mainly classics like Lambrettas and Vespas but we love all scooters, which is why you will also find articles about the rarer machines from the likes of DKR, Ducati, IWL, Maico, Moto Rumi, Peugeot, Zundapp and more.

Here at ScooterNova we offer a high standard of magazine, from the superior paper it is printed on to the credible, in-depth articles inside. The design and photography allows readers to explore the stories thoroughly, each one with enough pages to appreciate it, together with appropriate advertising from relevant companies.

Produced in the UK, ScooterNova is a magazine we as scooterists are proud to put our name to, and a magazine that readers are proud to keep on their coffee table.

If it’s scooters you like – the design, engineering, customisation, tuning, restoring, riding and touring –
then ScooterNova is for you.