Who are we?

ScooterNova was created in 2017 by Andy Gillard, a life-long scooterist who has been commuting and riding for pleasure since the age of 16. Andy previously worked at another national scooter magazine for 18 years, resigning his 13-year tenure as its longest-serving editor prior to setting up his new venture.

Ann Murphy is another life-long scooterist who has clocked up may thousands of miles throughout the UK and Europe since she bought her first scooter aged 17.

Working alongside is Stuart Lanning, owner of the Lambretta Museum and previous owner and publisher of three national scooter magazines from the 1980s until the early 2000s. Don’t tell him, but Andy often cites his original Scooter Scene magazine of the 1980s as offering the inspirational quality for ScooterNova today…

All share a life-long addiction to scooters that has taken them around the world in the pursuit of new adventures on small wheels.