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Edition 36 (March/April 2023) to be published late February 2022

  • EXCLUSIVE Sticky test rides the 76hp Casa Performance 250cc twin-cylinder Lambretta
  • Exclusive ride on the last ever ‘new design’ Lambretta from the 1980s, Amiga
  • The origins of the Vespa – pictorial evidence via Vittorio Tessera
  • Custom cutdown with Aprilia motor
  • Pt 2 of our exclusive interview with Steve Foster
  • Scooter Touring to the Caucasus Part 2
  • Vespa GS built to working class spec
  • 1950s Model D Racer ‘Red Devil’
  • Scooterist Meltdown 2023
  • Tribute to Howard Chambers
  • Unfinished Business – rally-going custom GP
  • Tri-Moors Challenge – exploring the south west by Vespa

PLUS news, product reviews and more besides, all wrapped up as always in 100 quality A4 pages