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Edition 19, published 31 April 2020

Freedom for Tooting! We trace the Urban Guerrilla’s Lambretta Series 1 down to Cornwall…
PLUS more legendary machines from the Mike Karslake collection – the fire engine and LPS Lambro
Easter Scooter Rallies – Johnny Walker looks back in time
A couple of stunning Lambretta Greyhound ‘specials’
A bit about Spark Plugs
Another instalment of curious scooter history from Vittorio Tessera/
A jaw-dropping custom Vespa GS
A review of the first UK scooter event of 2020.
Norrie Kerr has a photo that tells story.
Tributes to the late Marshall ‘Chuckles’ Swonnell and Paul Karslake
Plus more besides that we’ve hastily rescheduled due to current circumstances, all wrapped as always in 100 quality pages of ScooterNova magazine!