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Scooter events

The ScooterNova magazine stall will be at numerous events throughout the year in the UK. Where we don’t have a stand-alone stall you’ll find us with Crusader Promotions (also run by scooterists, producers of the BSRA official scooter rally patches and merchandise), the Lambretta Club Great Britain or Vespa Club of Britain.

Street Team
You will also find our friends and contributors selling copies of ScooterNova magazine at scooter events nationwide, often identifiable by a red Scooternova bag stuffed full of magazines, a branded T-shirt, or simply shouting out in crowded pubs, “does anybody want to buy a really good scooter magazine today?”
Be kind to them, buy a magazine, but not too many drinks please – we don’t want them ending up face-down in a corner too early in the day!

ScooterNova magazine plan to have a stall at the following events in the near future.
HOWEVER due to the extraordinary Covid-19 situation currently affecting people globally, some events are likely to be cancelled or postponed. Please check before travelling…

TBC: 23-24 October 2020 – ‘pop up event’ Southport Scooter Trade & Custom Show (Lancashire)

PLUS the LCGB and VCB club stalls both stock ScooterNova magazine too.

Support your local scooter shop

There may be a supermarket on every other street corner, but these are no good if you snap a clutch cable on the way to a scooter rally. We are keen for local scooter shops to sell ScooterNova magazine, so it’s convenient for you to pick up a copy while you’re shopping with them for other scooter-related products whether through the front door or via their mail-order service. Please select your region in ‘stockists’ section of the menu bar:
UK Stockists
Rest of World

(If you are interested in stocking ScooterNova telephone 01934 417834 or email sales@scooternova.com)


The easiest way to receive your new favourite scooter magazine regularly is to subscribe. A copy will then be posted to you every couple of months, delivered straight to your letterbox.
Visit our subscriptions department for more details, email sales@scooternova.com or telephone 01934 417834 during office hours.

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