Edition 40 (November/December 2023) of ScooterNova published 20 October 2023. Order your copy or subscribe by clicking here.


SP, September 2023

I ordered #39 as a single copy, just to have a look. I was blown away by the quality and content, hence the subscription! 😀

BB, July 2023

Just wanted to say that I got my copy of mag and it took me a couple of hours just to get page 40, brilliant reading, thanks and keep it up. I’m a scooterist of 45 years, wish I’d known about mag before, thank Retrospective Scooters as I saw a copy on counter when getting my work scooter serviced. I’ll definitely be renewing subscription when it runs out.


Just got my first issue of Scooter Nova and am so pleased with what I have seen! This magazine is truly a class act publication and you will have a loyal reader for life! Thanks so much for all your efforts with this fine read. All the best, DM

GT, France – February 2023

I bought it from Scooterist Factory in Spain, nice read.  Thanx for your work, we love your magazine.

WB, June 2022

It’s great to see that your magazine is thriving where others have gone out of publication or been amalgamated into an existing magazine.  This shows what you're all doing is what we enjoy, read and want to hear about.  Long may it continue.

DR, March 2022

Looking forward to it coming as it's the best Scooter magazine out there , by quite a way 😁

MB, January 2022

Fantastic magazine, can't wait for it to arrive, keep up the good work.

KC, January 2022

I'm quite new to the scooter scene but really love the magazine. An informative read with some great pics. Always look forward to reading it. Thank you and keep up the good work.

GT, 2021

Thanks I wish I had discovered your magazine before! It really is quality. I saw it by chance at Modern Scooters. Excellent photos and articles!

ST, 2021

Figured was time I checked it out as it's talked about a lot

LB, 2020

Love the magazine!

JB (NZ), 2020

Keep up the good work. Enjoying the Mag from the other side of the world.

DR, Sept 2021

Best magazine on the market , only wish I'd known about it sooner!

JE, 2019

Top Magazine. It’s what scootering hasn’t managed to be for years. Signed up for another year.

JC, 2018

The best scooter magazine since Scootermania.

MB, 2021

I love the magazine, It’s by far superior to any other scooter or even motorcycle magazine. The quality of the actual magazine is sublime, the photos and the articles are always top notch with a fantastic attention to detail. I always look forward to getting my copy of ScooterNova and they all sit proudly at home. I often refer back to previous issues for information and inspiration.

AB, 2017

Scooter magazine for grown ups.

RC, 2020

Best mag out there easy, quality read, better than the high street reads. As I keep telling the wife, it’s Quality not Quantity! Keep up the good work.


Quality publication. It’s an absolute no-brainer renewing my subscription, great credit to you and the rest of the team.

PP (Italy), 2017

It’s a luxury magazine, the paper, the quality of printing… even the smell of paper is a sort of rich flavor. Congratulations and the very best wishes!

SD, 2017

Huge congratulations for getting the mag up and running, A quality read and nice to see you both putting the real miles in (was it ever going to be any other way?).

PB, 2020

Renewal of my subscription and continued support is a no brainer. Quality journalism and great photography from a small team who are passionate about what they do. Please extend my thanks to Andy, Stu and all the ScooterNova team for continuing to produce a great magazine in such difficult circumstances.

NS, 2018

The latest issue is the best yet - loved the article by the two lads on their trip from the southern tip of India right up to Leh. More of this please!

DR, 2020

Thank you, a subscription was well overdue. Looking forward to the next one, keep up the good work.

AS, 2020

Subscription renewed for a year please follow on in order without me missing one. Keep up the good work best mag ever!

SA, 2020

Hello I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the latest issue, the Norwegian trip in particular was of great interest. After two German rallies in 2018 & riding to Hungary last year for Vespa World Days I’m preferring foreign trips. Keep up the good work. My Direct Debit payment has just gone out so that’s me sorted for another year. Thanks.

KW (USA), 2020

Thank you! Please keep up the good work - it's a great magazine.

CW, 2018

Just re-subscribed, keep up the good work.


Thanks for a great read.

KS, 2020

Thanks Andy, my copy arrived on Monday - superb read yet again!

Sunday Sport SC

Looking forward to planning the year ahead - Love from the SUNDAY SPORT SC 🍻👍😆

PA, 2020

It's a pleasure to renew again since the magazine is excellent.

ZS (Bermuda), 2019

It’s a great magazine. Keep it up with the way it is so different in content to the other mags.

CH, 2020

Your fantastic magazine's back issues are getting a well deserved read through at the moment, due to the obvious. Hope you guys are weathering the storm as best you can.

JS, Sept 2021

Absolutely love the magazine… best wishes to you all.

BW, 2020

Thanks very much for this, keep up the great work on the magazine. I've been subscribing since issue 1 and looking forward to the next issue. Hope lockdown ends soon as I only finished my winter project of rebuilding and upgrading the engine on my 63 Li one week before confined to home so reading and re-reading scoot magazines is a substitute.


Keep up the good work, great magazine, excellent long in-depth features and on quality paper.

DM, 2020

ScooterNova is awesome, I have most of the issues!


A great read again. Much appreciated.

IL, 2021

I have just renewed my subscription for the next 6 issues. Really enjoyed the last 6 publications and all the different articles in them. Keep up the great work and all the best to the team.

RO, 2018

It goes without saying that I will continue to support your superb magazine. I have already renewed my subscription.

BM (Ireland), 2021

Order placed with Lambretta Upgrades and on its way. Thanks again for your help in sourcing this out of stock edition 1 for me, you really go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. I can totally understand why the magazine is a success and as it continually grows in its readership. If I can pay you and the team a compliment it's that Scooter Nova has been one of those little godsends during lockdown that has made life a little bit more bearable. My words don't probably do it justice but there is a freshness and honesty to the magazine that I haven't felt from any other publication in a long time. Keep up the good work and I look forward to shaking your hand/fist pump/elbow pump etc when we met up sometime in the near future.


Nice magazine and I like the long features, plenty of content and loads of pics.


Renewed my subscription. Excellent mag by the way, keep up the good work. Many thanks.


Thanks for a great magazine.

DM (USA), 2020

Thanks Ann! Super stoked to support!

AB, 2017

Scooter magazine for grown ups.

DW (Switzerland), 2021

Thanks are due to the ScooterNova team for producing such a consistently superb magazine. I look forward to every issue and have never been disappointed.. It was a brave move to set up a new scooter-focused magazine in a saturated market but you have added something very special. Keep up the good work.

MJ, 2021

Love the magazine brilliant quality and content each issue.

RD (Canada), 2021

I love the magazine and am looking forward to the next issue.

ME (Germany), 2021

Your magazine is great and the covers are real artwork.  Looking forward to the next edition.

SG, 2021

Can't wait to get this issue. Best scooter mag out there. Keep up the great work.

RP, Sept 2021

Great Magazine- keep up the good work.

MG, Sept 2021

Subscription renewed, looking forward to receiving your great publication as always!

DR, Sept 2021

Best magazine on the market , only wish I'd known about it sooner!


The best scooter magazine since Scootermania.

PB, 2018

Thanks for having the foresight and balls for producing the best scooter magazine out there. Congratulations to all who help make the mag such an enjoyable read. Keep up the good work!

Panel 1

ScooterNova is the independent scooter magazine for scooter enthusiasts.

Following demand for a quality publication produced by scooterists with knowledge and passion for scooters, ScooterNova launched in 2017. The magazine features mainly classics like Lambrettas and Vespas but we love all scooters, which is why you will also find articles about the rarer machines from the likes of DKR, Ducati, IWL, Maico, Moto Rumi, Peugeot, Zundapp and more.

Here at ScooterNova we offer a high standard of magazine, from the superior paper it is printed on to the credible, in-depth articles inside. The design and photography allows readers to explore the stories thoroughly, each one with enough pages to appreciate it, together with appropriate advertising from relevant companies.

Produced in the UK, ScooterNova is a magazine we as scooterists are proud to put our name to, and a magazine that readers are proud to keep on their coffee table.

If it’s scooters you like – the design, engineering, customisation, tuning, restoring, riding and touring –
then ScooterNova is for you.

Panel 2

Who are we?

ScooterNova was created in 2017 by Andy Gillard, a life-long scooterist who has been commuting and riding for pleasure since the age of 16. Andy previously worked at another national scooter magazine for 18 years, resigning his 13-year tenure as its longest-serving editor prior to setting up his new venture.

Ann Murphy is another life-long scooterist who has clocked up may thousands of miles throughout the UK and Europe since she bought her first scooter aged 17.

Working alongside is Stuart Lanning, owner of the Lambretta Museum and previous owner and publisher of three national scooter magazines from the 1980s until the early 2000s. Don’t tell him, but Andy often cites his original Scooter Scene magazine of the 1980s as offering the inspirational quality for ScooterNova today…

All share a life-long addiction to scooters that has taken them around the world in the pursuit of new adventures on small wheels.

Panel 3

ScooterNova People

Some of the regular names contributing to ScooterNova magazine include Scooter Lab UK (SLUK) co-founder ‘Iggy’ Grainger, Lambretta Spanners Manual author Sticky, Casa Lambretta supremo Vittorio Tessera, former Rimini Lambretta Centre owner Dean Orton and VVC editor Paul Hart. People who are not only fellow scooterists they, like our ‘street team’ who help promote and sell ScooterNova magazine at rallies, are also our friends.

Between us, the scooters we regularly ride range from 1950s classics to tuned street-sleepers to engineered oddities and regular workhorses. Whether it be a daily commute, seaside rally or touring abroad, as long as we’re riding scooters then we’re happy.

Panel 4


If you’d like to get in touch you can write to ScooterNova magazine at The Lambretta Museum,
77 Alfred Street, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, BS23 1PP, England.
You can also try calling us during office hours, 01934 417834 or +44 7840 861382 (Whatsapp),
although we do spend a lot of time out on our scooters working!

Alternatively, feel free to use the contact form and we will reply to you as soon as possible.