Edition 23 (Jan/Feb 2021) of ScooterNova was published on 18 December 2020.
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About the ScooterNova

ScooterNova magazine was launched in 2017 following demand from scooter enthusiasts for a good quality publication that was produced by fellow scooterists with both a  knowledge and genuine passion for scooters.

ScooterNova covers mainly the classics, with Lambrettas and Vespas featuring highly. But we love all scooters, which is why this is the magazine where you will not only find enlightening articles about these marques but also the rare machines from the likes of Ducati, Maico, Zundapp, IWL, Peugeot, BSA, Durkopp, Moto Rumi and others you have possibly never heard of too.

Between those of us involved with ScooterNova we regularly ride our own scooters which range from 1950s classics to tuned street-sleepers, engineered oddities and regular workhorses. Whether it be a daily commute, seaside rally or touring abroad, as long as we’re riding scooters then we’re happy!

Our aim is to offer a higher standard of magazine, from the superior paper it is printed on to the credible, in-depth articles inside. The photography complements both its feel and allows readers to explore the stories thoroughly, each one boasting enough pages to appreciate it without being bombarded by the relentless advertising you may find elsewhere.

ScooterNova is a magazine we are proud to put our name to and our readers are proud to keep on their coffee table or bookshelf. If its scooters you like; the design, engineering, customisation, tuning, restoring, riding and touring, then ScooterNova is for you.
It is not a fashion or music magazine, although it does have plenty of style…

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Who are we?

ScooterNova was created in 2017 by Andy Gillard who resigned his post at another national scooter magazine after 18 years with that title, 13 of them as its longest-serving editor.
Ann Murphy, another life-long scooterist who has clocked up countless miles throughout the UK and Europe since she turned 17, is the other person behind ScooterNova, spearheading the online blog that preceded the actual magazine.
Working alongside is Stuart Lanning, owner of the Lambretta Museum and previous owner and publisher of three national scooter magazines from the 1980s until the early 2000s. They all share a life-long addiction to scooters that has taken them around the world in the pursuit of new adventures on small wheels.

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Some of the regular names contributing to ScooterNova magazine include SLUK co-founder ‘Iggy’ Grainger, Lambretta Spanners Manual author Sticky, Casa Lambretta supremo Vittorio Tessera, VVC editor Paul Hart, along with numerous scooter travellers from around the world. People who are not only fellow scooterists and riders, but also our friends.

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If you’d like to get in touch you can write to ScooterNova magazine at The Lambretta Museum, 77 Alfred Street, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, BS23 1PP.
Alternatively, please feel free to use this contact form and we will reply to you as soon as possible.