Black Friday at ScooterNova (we have lots of black Stuff!)

Yes folks you read it right, here at ScooterNova we have lots of things in black to buy if you want to go shopping on Friday. Or any other day in fact. So what do you fancy then? Plenty of T-Shirts for both ladies and gents from our popular 3, 4 and 5-speed manual gear … Continue reading Black Friday at ScooterNova (we have lots of black Stuff!)

Dellorto’s 90th Anniversary Carburettor

Back in edition 37 of ScooterNova magazine we celebrated the 90th anniversary of legendary Italian carburettor manufacturer, Dellorto. The company was founded in Seregno in 1933 and since then their products have featured on both production and race vehicles, from the humble Lambretta and Vespa scooters to championship winning motorcycles raced by sports stars such … Continue reading Dellorto’s 90th Anniversary Carburettor

Tucano Urbano Airbag Vest

Today at Eicma in Milan, Italian clothing company Tucano Urbano announced a collaboration with French safety company In&motion which resulted in the development of the Airscud TN Flex safety vest. For those outside of Italy, you may not realise that in urban areas especially, local riders don’t always take safety as seriously as maybe some … Continue reading Tucano Urbano Airbag Vest

Motorcycle Helmet with Integrated Airbag

Italian crash helmet manufacturer Airoh and Swedish automotive safety supplier Autoliv started a joint pre-study aimed at developing a helmet with integrated airbag back in 2020. First unveiled in 2022 at Eicma, at this year's show they have presented an updated concept of their study. The integration of the airbag system into the helmet is … Continue reading Motorcycle Helmet with Integrated Airbag

Updated Vespa Scooters at the Eicma Show in Milan

For the Piaggio Group, it was motorcycles that took centre stage at the 2023 Eicma Show in Milan today. But the smallframe Vespa range did get a minor makeover with some new colours and technology too. Their press release begins: “Milan, 7 November 2023 - The Piaggio Group attends EICMA having consolidated its position as … Continue reading Updated Vespa Scooters at the Eicma Show in Milan

Scooter Rallies 2024 Just Anounced

You all have your FREE 2024 wall-planners that were inside the brand new edition 40 of ScooterNova magazine, right? If not you can buy the new magazine online by clicking here to get yours. Well announced at the BSRA meeting today during the Llandudno Trade & Custom are the following dates for BSRA events during … Continue reading Scooter Rallies 2024 Just Anounced