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Previewed a few months ago, Rimini Lambretta Centre have recently posted some more photographs and information of the forthcoming Casa Lambretta 305cc kit and brand new engine casings to boot.10298479_654103134643137_7479529655027978499_o

Apparently this new 305cc Casa Lambretta engine was made by BSG. BSG are Italians Fabio Begani, Stefano Scauri and Alessandro Graiani who are behind a CNC aluminium Vespa smallframe engine already on the market. Vittorio Tessera at Casa Lambretta approached them regarding improving the performance of a Lambretta engine which for over 50 years now has been restricted by the 200cc cast aluminium engine casings produced by Innocenti since the launch of the Lambretta TV200, and designed by them back in the 1950s for the Li range.10441302_660463554007095_4725389029315191652_n 10349200_660463524007098_7585998998103788494_nAnyway, as you can see here progress is being made, and apparently the folks at Rimini Lambretta Centre are helping with the development once Italy gets back from its summer holidays.

No dates or prices have been set yet, but with the BSG Vespa smallframe engine casing alone retailing at thick end of €3,000 (over £2,100), we expect this Lambretta engine to be at least that when it eventually hits the market. Start saving folks…

First prototype Casa Lambretta BSG engine in an old frame to check clearances etc.
First prototype Casa Lambretta BSG engine in an old frame to check clearances etc.


10 thoughts on “NEW! 305cc Lambretta Kit

  1. Certainly looks like a well engineered piece of kit, and an alternative from an auto transplant / the Scomadi route if you want more cubic centimetres. Nice to see such continued development on such an old ‘platform’. Bodes well for the future!

    1. Don’t think so, we’re assuming it will only fit the special BSG cases (Lambretta and Vespa) as it is designed for them and the special crank (it is upwards of 50hp and a standard Lambretta is only around 12!).

  2. what do you estimate the cost of following items will be one crankshaft two crankcase three barrel piston please can you give a rough costing to these items mike hammond

    1. Hello Mike,
      You need to contact JB Tuning in England or Rimini Lambretta Centre for RoW (both linked in the post) as they are the companies involved with this project. We just gather the information and report the news. 😉
      the Scooternova

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