What was your first Lambretta?

If you've not seen the latest edition 20 of ScooterNova magazine yet, one of the most popular features inside seems to be the overview of the Lambretta J-range, the smallframe rivals to the little Vespas from Piaggio. Apart from the history of the model from development and through production, the ¬†article looks at the growing … Continue reading What was your first Lambretta?

Viva Cento!

This is a lovely collectable piece of classic scooter and motor vehicle ephemera to have, an original invitation to the UK launch of the Lambretta Cento scooter. Part of the original 1960s press pack, the date of the event at the Waldorf Hotel in London was postponed from 11 March 1964 to 17 March 1964 … Continue reading Viva Cento!

Lambretta Junior original film

The great smallframe scooter battle between Lambretta and Vespa took place in the mid-1960s, which Vespa eventually won. However...  Can't help but love the Lambretta J125 Starstream though, just check out this promotional video of it from 1967...

A baby Lambretta

A cruel person could suggest that the glamorous model is with this Lambretta in a desperate attempt to sell an unpopular model. We're not like that though, owning a Starstream Lambretta does that to you! The fact is it wasn't that unpopular, it's just that the Vespa small frames sold more and the late 60s … Continue reading A baby Lambretta