A baby Lambretta

A cruel person could suggest that the glamorous model is with this Lambretta in a desperate attempt to sell an unpopular model.

Lambretta Starstream
Lambretta Starstream

We’re not like that though, owning a Starstream Lambretta does that to you! The fact is it wasn’t that unpopular, it’s just that the Vespa small frames sold more and the late 60s saw a massive drop in scooter sales across the board with many manufacturers going to the wall.
Anyway, this Innocenti press shot from circa 1967 is a very early image of this Lambretta model, possibly pre-production as suggested by the ‘Starstream’ graphic on the right front legshield, replaced on production models by a metal ‘star’ badge.

By the way, Innocenti did contemplate naming their smallframe range ‘Baby’ apparently, although it ended up with the ‘Junior’ tag.

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