70s TV advert – the ubiquitous Vespa PX

Back in 1977, Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio launched not just a new Vespa scooter but a new range of Vespas. I'm sure they didn't realise back then that they'd still be manufacturing a PX in 2015, but they are, and this Italian television advert shows the first models in the range from 1977... Vespa P-range … Continue reading 70s TV advert – the ubiquitous Vespa PX

Scooter Tyres – how safe are yours?

Now in our fourth decade of riding scooters without a break, I'd like to think that here at Scooternova we've learned a little about tyres. Gone are the days where cheap 'n' cheerful Ditchfinders were the choice simply by virtue of the fact that they cost less than the rest, now we appreciate that road … Continue reading Scooter Tyres – how safe are yours?

The 10th Giro dei Tre Mari – classic scootering in southern Italy

This year saw the 10th Tre Mari 'race' organised in the south of Italy by the Vespa Club of Bari, a four-day riding event covering nearly 1000 kilometres in which only geared scooters are allowed to enter. Setting off from Bari in glorious sunshine last week, we had torrential rain and horrendous road conditions in … Continue reading The 10th Giro dei Tre Mari – classic scootering in southern Italy

A baby Lambretta

A cruel person could suggest that the glamorous model is with this Lambretta in a desperate attempt to sell an unpopular model. We're not like that though, owning a Starstream Lambretta does that to you! The fact is it wasn't that unpopular, it's just that the Vespa small frames sold more and the late 60s … Continue reading A baby Lambretta

New Vespa Sprint (Primavera) Scooter

Just launched in Rome by Piaggio, the new Vespa Sprint 50 and 125 scooters which are the sporting variants of their recently launched new Primavera range. So what's different about the Sprint then? Not a lot unfortunately, despite Piaggio using the 'sporty' word in their PR bumph and the 'Sprint' name. Before the Primavera there … Continue reading New Vespa Sprint (Primavera) Scooter