ScooterNova – a Truly International Scooter Magazine

With the latest edition of ScooterNova magazine hitting the doormats and shop floors of Great Britain, I began reflecting on just how international our small, independent publication has become in such a short space of time. And by international I refer to both content and readership too. The articles include a couple of foreign trips, … Continue reading ScooterNova – a Truly International Scooter Magazine

New ScooterNova magazine – holiday season reading material

Brand new ScooterNova magazine, just in time for Christmas!

Christmas scooter gifts to buy online

Scooter gift shopping this Christmas

Spangles Vespa Custom Scooter

Here is the Spangles custom Vespa PX - another star of the new edition 16 of ScooterNova magazine and also the Woolacombe scooter rally patch. Remember the sweets from yesteryear? You won’t be surprised to learn owner and rider Buster from Cornwall thought the theme and Roth Flake paint would suit each other very well! … Continue reading Spangles Vespa Custom Scooter

Vespa Club of Britain Attendance Championship Events

The Vespa Club of Britain have announced their 2019 Attendance Championship Event list. See the VCB members' magazine, Vespa News, or their facebook page for more information. 1) 23rd February : Burton Brewers2) 1st – 3rd March : Modrapheniacs 3) 7th April : VMSC Extravaganza4) 19th – 22nd April : BSRA Scarborough 5) 3rd – … Continue reading Vespa Club of Britain Attendance Championship Events

ScooterNova at Mablethorpe Scooter Rally

Big thanks to Phil & Julie for their offer of a bit of space in their caravan, which means.... we'll see you at The Great Eastern Rally next weekend!