War of the Roses ride

Back in 2020 I discovered a motorcycling event aimed at encouraging the growing number of women riders.  Anything that gets more people riding gets the thumbs up from me so I contacted Lindsay Atkinson, the organiser of ‘The Women in Motorcycling Exhibition’, to find out more.  Sadly world events prevented the go-ahead then, but it’s … Continue reading War of the Roses ride

ScooterNova 26 ready to go

Edition 26, July/August 2021, is now at the printers and available to pre-order today! Jam packed full of scooters of all shapes and sizes! With reports from scooter-riding get togethers... ...including the selection of riders photos from our own Three Shires Ride. Read the final chapter of Dean Orton's Guide to Rustoration, full of priceless … Continue reading ScooterNova 26 ready to go

Three Shires Ride thank you!

Arriving at the unofficial starting point on Saturday morning, we were delighted to see so many smiling scooter riders! The sun was shining and we set off to ride through the scenic roads of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. It was great to catch up with friends, old and new, at petrol stations and cafes along … Continue reading Three Shires Ride thank you!

Show us your Scooter & Sticker

Have your stuck your free sticker yet? To celebrate our 25th edition of ScooterNova magazine, as well as four years of independent publishing, edition 25 came with a free sticker. But what scooter did you stick yours on to? Andy's is on his old-faithful Lambretta Li Series 3, as pictured here, but we'd love to … Continue reading Show us your Scooter & Sticker

Watch on-line LIVE Scooter Racing this weekend

This weekend the British Scooter Endurance Club will host a Six Hour Endurance Race at Whilton Mill track. ScooterNova are proud to sponsor the live streaming of this exciting event along with our friends at ScooterLab UK and AME Auto so that, despite the current government guidelines making the Whilton Mill scooter racing non-spectator, you … Continue reading Watch on-line LIVE Scooter Racing this weekend

New Website for the BSRA

The British Scooter Riders Association (BSRA) have been keeping the the National Rallies alive since 1997… Now the BSRA have an updated and modernised website, thanks to scooter-riding web designer, Ali Richards. In fact you can check out Ali's stunning custom Lambretta in Edition 16 of ScooterNova magazine. Anyway, back to the BSRA website and you can … Continue reading New Website for the BSRA