Tuition Scooters of the 1960s

When it comes to rare classic scooters, dual-control tuition scooters have got to be high on that list. I mean, when was the last time you saw one? The origins and reasons behind the creation of these tuition scooters in the 1960s, both Vespa and Lambretta, are explored in the new edition 32 of ScooterNova … Continue reading Tuition Scooters of the 1960s

International scooter riders celebrate IWD

Today is International Women's Day, a global day celebrating the achievements of women.  ScooterNova doesn't really need a 'special' day as we've always celebrated all scooter riders.  From featured scooters and the adventures of their riders, to bringing news on kit specific to women in almost every edition. Since Ann first started the ScooterNova blog... … Continue reading International scooter riders celebrate IWD

Classic Scooter Auctions with H&H

H&H Classics have started 2022 by launching a brand-new sale category this week – bespoke Classic Scooter auctions. The first specialist sale of classic scooters takes place at the National Motorcycle Museum on April 6th and will offer what H&H claim will be, "the most comprehensive range of classic scooters sold at auction in the … Continue reading Classic Scooter Auctions with H&H

ScooterNova 26 ready to go

Edition 26, July/August 2021, is now at the printers and available to pre-order today! Jam packed full of scooters of all shapes and sizes! With reports from scooter-riding get togethers... ...including the selection of riders photos from our own Three Shires Ride. Read the final chapter of Dean Orton's Guide to Rustoration, full of priceless … Continue reading ScooterNova 26 ready to go

The First Lambretta Museum

As I type this blog I know that in a perfect world I should really be riding my classic Lambretta home from Devon, which is where the Mike Karslake Memorial Rally was due to take place this weekend. Unfortunately of course, 2020 has become an uncertain and rather unpleasant year for all, so instead I'm … Continue reading The First Lambretta Museum

Modrapheniacs SC scooter rally

2020 marks the 20th anniversary for the Modrapheniacs annual scooter rally held at Sandford Park in Dorset. We are really looking forward to the 200+ miles ride to get our scooters loosened up for another exciting year of rallies – local commuting on them is fine, but it's not quite the same as riding to … Continue reading Modrapheniacs SC scooter rally