New ScooterNova magazine – holiday season reading material

Brand new ScooterNova magazine, just in time for Christmas!

ScooterExpo returns for 2023

It’s back! ScooterExpo 2023 Many ScooterNova readers will remember ScooterExpo 2019 and the good news for everyone who has asked is that it’s back again next year. ScooterExpo 2023 will take place at Alfreton Leisure Centre on Sunday 21 May and is being co-sponsored by Lexham Insurance. Once again ScooterNova Magazine will be co-hosting this … Continue reading ScooterExpo returns for 2023

Woolacombe National Scooter Rally 2022

This weekend we'll be riding to the Devon coast for a return to the Golden Coast Park at Woolacombe Bay for the 8th BSRA National Scooter Rally of 2022. South West Scooter Clubs have been working hard to bring back this brilliant seaside rally.  There are three rooms of entertainment each night with top bands … Continue reading Woolacombe National Scooter Rally 2022

Isle of Wight 2022 and ScooterNova 33

Once again we at ScooterNova magazine are packing our tent, toothbrushes, dancing shoes and 2-stroke oil for the ride to the Isle of Wight Scooter Rally this Bank Holiday weekend.  Edition 33 is hot off the press so we'll be packing the latest magazine too, filled to bursting with stunning scooters as well as national … Continue reading Isle of Wight 2022 and ScooterNova 33

Tuition Scooters of the 1960s

When it comes to rare classic scooters, dual-control tuition scooters have got to be high on that list. I mean, when was the last time you saw one? The origins and reasons behind the creation of these tuition scooters in the 1960s, both Vespa and Lambretta, are explored in the new edition 32 of ScooterNova … Continue reading Tuition Scooters of the 1960s

International scooter riders celebrate IWD

Today is International Women's Day, a global day celebrating the achievements of women.  ScooterNova doesn't really need a 'special' day as we've always celebrated all scooter riders.  From featured scooters and the adventures of their riders, to bringing news on kit specific to women in almost every edition. Since Ann first started the ScooterNova blog... … Continue reading International scooter riders celebrate IWD