ScooterNova 26 ready to go

Edition 26, July/August 2021, is now at the printers and available to pre-order today! Jam packed full of scooters of all shapes and sizes! With reports from scooter-riding get togethers... ...including the selection of riders photos from our own Three Shires Ride. Read the final chapter of Dean Orton's Guide to Rustoration, full of priceless … Continue reading ScooterNova 26 ready to go

Lambretta prototype disc brake

As we've reported here before (fairly recently in fact), Rimini Lambretta Centre have been given the task of recommissioning one of two remaining Lambretta twin-cylinder prototype scooters.Well they've worked their way down the chassis and after stripping the front end have taken pictures of the scooter's unique front disc brake set up. To those not … Continue reading Lambretta prototype disc brake