Lambretta prototype disc brake

Prototype disc brake for Lambretta twin cylinder.
Prototype disc brake for Lambretta twin cylinder.

As we’ve reported here before (fairly recently in fact), Rimini Lambretta Centre have been given the task of recommissioning one of two remaining Lambretta twin-cylinder prototype scooters.Well they’ve worked their way down the chassis and after stripping the front end have taken pictures of the scooter’s unique front disc brake set up.

To those not as immersed in Lambretta intricacies as we are we should apologise. We are not going to do so, however, for our obsession which leads us to enthuse so much over what may seem so trivial to others. For us this is ‘what could have been’ with pretty much all of it unique, from back plate to the larger disc actuator.

With a twin cylinder 200cc engine on the cards, potentially with 12″ wheels, it all makes sense really.

Anyway, keep an eye on us here for more details as they happen, or you can watch RLC’s progress  via their Facebook page.


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