ScooterNova 26 ready to go

Edition 26, July/August 2021, is now at the printers and available to pre-order today!

Jam packed full of scooters of all shapes and sizes!

With reports from scooter-riding get togethers…

…including the selection of riders photos from our own Three Shires Ride.

Read the final chapter of Dean Orton’s Guide to Rustoration,
full of priceless hints and tips on rebuilding classic scooters.

We’ve got some useful new products and tested kit to tell you about.

Vittorio Tessera shares more rare images from the Innocenti archives.


Vespa tech on upgrading forks for improved braking and suspension,
for good looking stopping power!

As well as more stunning custom, classic and rare scooters to appreciate
and maybe inspire your next build.