Mike Karslake’s Lambretta & sidecar combo

Now here's an opportunity that only turns up once in a blue moon - the possibility to purchase a historically important Lambretta and   sidecar outfit. Interested? Then read on… The scooter here is a 1959 Lambretta LI 150 Series 2 model and has an original and rare Watsonian Sports sidecar attached. This combination is very … Continue reading Mike Karslake’s Lambretta & sidecar combo

Buy a Bastert scooter!

Lot 23 at the Motoclassica auction in Melbourne, Australia on 24 October 2015 is a '1953 Bastert Einspurauto Motor Scooter', an opportunity for any scooterist with a liking for double-entendres would struggle to avoid! Helmut Bastert's factory in Bielefeld, Germany built scooters for a short period between 1949 and the mid 1950s. Expensive scooters even … Continue reading Buy a Bastert scooter!

Rare Lambretta Standard for sale

For those that didn't know, there was a factory producing Lambretta scooters in Brazil from the 1950s until possibly as late as the 1980s, although those late models were in fact derivatives of the old Lambretta 3-wheeler which at first glance looked little like the vehicles they were based upon (they also produced them in … Continue reading Rare Lambretta Standard for sale

Vespa 946 – would you buy one?

Back in November 2011, Piaggio announced a new Vespa to their range, the Vespa Quarantasei, aka the Vespa 46.   My first impression was 'what a stunning scooter'. It's both futuristic and yet also manages to nod to the past, Piaggio explaining the name referred back to the last pre-production prototype, the MP6 and the … Continue reading Vespa 946 – would you buy one?