Rare Brazillian Lambretta 3-wheeler?

Surfing the interweb recently, looking for something else, we came across this odd-looking scooter, as you do... ¬†We've written about Brazilian Lambrettas before here and here, and they've thrown us a few swerve balls, by which we mean a few unusual things for those of us used to riding Italian, Spanish and Indian built models. … Continue reading Rare Brazillian Lambretta 3-wheeler?

World Cup Fever – Brazilian Lambrettas

Okay so it's a tenuous link, but hey, we like scooters and it seems a topical time to return to some of those from southern America, okay? We've visited South America before here on Scooternova, checking out a potentially rare Lambretta scooter for sale in Brazil earlier this year and visiting Colombian Lambretta factory here … Continue reading World Cup Fever – Brazilian Lambrettas

Rare Lambretta Standard for sale

For those that didn't know, there was a factory producing Lambretta scooters in Brazil from the 1950s until possibly as late as the 1980s, although those late models were in fact derivatives of the old Lambretta 3-wheeler which at first glance looked little like the vehicles they were based upon (they also produced them in … Continue reading Rare Lambretta Standard for sale