Rare Brazillian Lambretta 3-wheeler?


Surfing the interweb recently, looking for something else, we came across this odd-looking scooter, as you do…  We’ve written about Brazilian Lambrettas before here and here, and they’ve thrown us a few swerve balls, by which we mean a few unusual things for those of us used to riding Italian, Spanish and Indian built models. The three-wheeler you see here caused the same confusion; is this another rarity or a locally produced DIY modification for reasons unknown?


We found the original post here and doing our best to translate the comments below it, the consensus appears to be that this Lambretta Li Series 2 may have been adapted after it left the Pasco Lambretta factory and modified by a third-party company for a rider with a disability.

Whatever the reason, it looks like a tidy job has been done and that rear boot looks very useful indeed for carrying luggage! It’s just a shame there are no photographs available showing the work which was carried out underneath the panelwork, revealing whether the third wheel was driven and what kind of subframe was fabricated.

That is unless any readers can shed further light on this South American rarity at all?


18 thoughts on “Rare Brazillian Lambretta 3-wheeler?

  1. Hi. Just saw theses pictures n went all Sherlock in em.

    If u look the left side only has petrol cap and toolbox door n the right has choke lever n kill switch where petrol switch should be.

    I would guess it has two engines but only one runs (the right one) n the tank n dummy engine in the left.

    I assume the crank wouldn’t turn when in neutral and off and so not need oil.

    Mick HOLMES

  2. Just had a 2nd look n the wheel on the left is very close the panel so no 2nd engine so I revise my guess to a sidecar type set up with offset engine. Tho thrs no sign of a kickstart it could even Have a central engine accessed via the boot. Perhaps even a non Lambretta electric start engine (as its disabled vehicle)

    1. Thanks for taking a closer look and sharing this. Maybe one day we’ll have a Brazilian come by with full details of what’s underneath.

  3. Have just bought this and bringing it over in two months
    Both engines 125 and both work back wheels
    Bobiser.com built it for marketing budwiser but also adapted for disabled use.
    Fantastic build quality

  4. Well that’s cool.

    Spose they both work independently via split cables?
    Would love to see some real estate under the panels.

  5. Did Tony ever get back with details of his,
    I am going to build a copy of the Brazilian trike but putting a Honda 600 engine mid mounted. Thought about two but balance and control would be a pain .

  6. I saw these on USA bike sites. But they make a scoot version too.
    $2k only in USA. altho prob find one in Blighty somewhere.
    Basically they are a trailer that blots under ur scoot. Pretty much stabilisers. Ur own rear wheel still spins. Perhaps even have one made over here for a Scomadi more fibre panels n bits n u got a GP version of the S2 above.


  7. Saw something along these lines only last week, it had the conventional Lambreta/Vespa seating configuration but looked longer. The back end was symmetrical and much the same as a normal 2-wheeler.

    It was stationary at a road junction at the time, typical single cylinder 2-stroke idling noise, since I was heading the other way I couldn’t get a really good look. My first thought was of a miniaturised California Highway Patrol trike!

    It looked good (for a scooter, that is).

  8. We have pics of this one on the Lambro club page, and also a couple of another (looks the same)which was up for sale a few years back, in a pretty bad way though, but have seen worse though 🙂

  9. Hi all l am just about to build a lambretta trike please email for photos just give me a bit of time as this is going to be a project for some time.

      1. Had a few setbacks away from scootering but moving to new workshop next month so back on track

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