Rare Brazillian Lambretta 3-wheeler?

Surfing the interweb recently, looking for something else, we came across this odd-looking scooter, as you do...  We've written about Brazilian Lambrettas before here and here, and they've thrown us a few swerve balls, by which we mean a few unusual things for those of us used to riding Italian, Spanish and Indian built models. … Continue reading Rare Brazillian Lambretta 3-wheeler?

A 5-wheeled Vespa?

Many scooterists consider the commercial vehicles produced by Innocenti and Piaggio (the same manufacturers as our beloved Lambretta and Vespa) to also have a certain appeal, even if they do feature more than the regulation two wheels! Both Piaggio and Innocenti produced 3-wheeled variants of their scooters for trade use. At first these were basically … Continue reading A 5-wheeled Vespa?

The Fantastic Vespa Ape – have you seen a bigger load?

Searching the internet earlier I came across this photo taken by Roy Prasad who had it posted on his Flickr acount, so I hope he doesn't mind it being shared. Whilst Roy's interest is apparently photography, ours here is of course the subject matter in this instance – a dramatically overloaded Piaggio Ape three-wheeled commercial … Continue reading The Fantastic Vespa Ape – have you seen a bigger load?