The Fantastic Vespa Ape – have you seen a bigger load?

Searching the internet earlier I came across this photo taken by Roy Prasad who had it posted on his Flickr acount, so I hope he doesn’t mind it being shared.

Piaggio Ape © Roy Prasad
Piaggio Ape © Roy Prasad

Whilst Roy’s interest is apparently photography, ours here is of course the subject matter in this instance – a dramatically overloaded Piaggio Ape three-wheeled commercial scooter/ vehicle.


If ever a company needed an example to promote the versatility of their range, then Piaggio need to drop this bloke a line! In addition to the massive volume of coconut husks that almost camouflage the Ape and take up most of the road it is travelling along, there are three adult men sitting inside this little vehicle.

The picture was apparently shot outside of Bangalore (Bengaluru) in the state of Karnataka, India, so our guess is that the engine is either a LPG, CNG or diesel-powered 395cc.
Top speed won’t be much, but it will have the torque to pull this load all day long up a hill if necessary!

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