Customize your head – Vintage (70s) crash helmets

70s helmets
70s helmets

Found in Milan, this sparkling collection of crash helmets by 70’s couldn’t help but catch eyes.

Despite what they may look like, all of these helmets are new, and a load of them ECE2205 approved for use on the roads as well. Retro and the 1970s are very bog news these days, and so if your scooter or bike demands that only a lid like this will suit the rider, then there’s no need to dig out a 35-year-old helmet any more when you ride it.

There are loads of options from subtle pastels with stickers at the cheaper end of the range, but of course it’s the fibreglass helmets finished in Metalflake that are doing it for us!

4 thoughts on “Customize your head – Vintage (70s) crash helmets

  1. I absolutely LOVE these helmets!! What are the sizes and what would the circumference of a head be to fit into all the sizes? Do you have a supplier in Australia who sells your helmets or would you be able to ship helmets?

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