Arthur Francis – RIP

Sad news today as we learned that the legendary Arthur Francis has passed away. There can’t be many in the world of scooters that do not know his name, the former scooter shop proprietor having his initials painted on the panels of classic Lambrettas the world over.  Starting out riding motorcycles, it was a Lambretta … Continue reading Arthur Francis – RIP

Mike Karslake’s Lambretta & sidecar combo

Now here's an opportunity that only turns up once in a blue moon - the possibility to purchase a historically important Lambretta and   sidecar outfit. Interested? Then read on… The scooter here is a 1959 Lambretta LI 150 Series 2 model and has an original and rare Watsonian Sports sidecar attached. This combination is very … Continue reading Mike Karslake’s Lambretta & sidecar combo

Lambretta & Elva Sportscars

Not many people know that Lambretta Concessionaires had more than one iron in theor proverbial fire. A surf over to the Elva sportscar website found this lovely image taken outside the Lambretta Trojan works during the 1960s. A chap named Frank G. Nichols was apparently the man behind Elva, starting the company in Bexhill, Sussex, … Continue reading Lambretta & Elva Sportscars