Rare Classic Scooters Unearthed in New ScooterNova Magazine

Always striving to bring you the most interesting scooter related articles we can, ScooterNova is proud to have a trio of rare classics in the brand new edition of the magazine. Inside number 30 we have the first Vespa Sprint from 1960 with autolube, or Automatic Fuelmix as it was named at the time. Yes, … Continue reading Rare Classic Scooters Unearthed in New ScooterNova Magazine

Lambretta Vs Vespa

What classic scooter are you riding this weekend? There is a good chance that it is either a Lambretta or a Vespa and that your choice today is based more upon your heart than your head. But what about the scooter riders of the 1960s, what did they base their decisions on? How did they … Continue reading Lambretta Vs Vespa

Arthur Francis – RIP

Sad news today as we learned that the legendary Arthur Francis has passed away. There can’t be many in the world of scooters that do not know his name, the former scooter shop proprietor having his initials painted on the panels of classic Lambrettas the world over.  Starting out riding motorcycles, it was a Lambretta … Continue reading Arthur Francis – RIP

What’s inside number 9? New edition out soon!

Good news folks, edition 9 of ScooterNova magazine is on the way! Completed and printed in time for the Isle of Wight scooter rally next weekend, you can pre-order online and be one of the first to receive it. So what’s to look forward to in edition 9? We celebrate the 50th anniversary of the … Continue reading What’s inside number 9? New edition out soon!

Vespa (Ape) On Ice!

No folks, this is not a festive show featuring beloved childhood cartoon characters held at Wembley Arena, but instead a form of scooter racing to while away the winter months... The Sole Valley is a valley in Trentino, northern Italy and when the skiers have gone, the locals get their Vespa/ Piaggio Ape three-wheelers out … Continue reading Vespa (Ape) On Ice!

Lincoln Scooter Rally – fun in the sun!

    The LCGB and VFM deserve a pat on the back for a great weekend at the BSRA scooter rally last weekend at Lincoln Showground, the weather  playing its part too with rain holding off until the ride home on Sunday for most. Over the weekend there was plenty of scooter related entertainment from … Continue reading Lincoln Scooter Rally – fun in the sun!