Rare Classic Scooters Unearthed in New ScooterNova Magazine

Always striving to bring you the most interesting scooter related articles we can, ScooterNova is proud to have a trio of rare classics in the brand new edition of the magazine. Inside number 30 we have the first Vespa Sprint from 1960 with autolube, or Automatic Fuelmix as it was named at the time. Yes, … Continue reading Rare Classic Scooters Unearthed in New ScooterNova Magazine

Happy Birthday ScooterNova

Three years ago at Easter, with the help of Ann, Stuart Lanning and some fantastic friends, we launched the new ScooterNova magazine at Scarborough scooter rally, my new business venture through my new limited company. ScooterNova magazine soon gained the reputation of a quality publication both in physical production and content, and above all with credible … Continue reading Happy Birthday ScooterNova

Scooter Electrickery – are you baffled?

If like us classic scooter electrics can sometimes seem almost like witchcraft, help is at hand courtesy of ScooterNova magazine and Scootronics.  While I think it’s fair to say that many classic scooters today use a 12v electronic ignition system loosely based around the Ducati system as seem on the Vespa PX since 1977, when … Continue reading Scooter Electrickery – are you baffled?

Isle of Wight Scooter Rally 2020 – NEWS FLASH!!

New decade – new location – same weekend – same favourite Island! VFM are pleased to announce that the Isle of Wight Scooter Rally will take place at a brand new venue in 2020. With uncertainty over the future of Smallbrook, our rally home for 20 years, and the loss of use of 50% of the site, VFM have been working hard to secure a … Continue reading Isle of Wight Scooter Rally 2020 – NEWS FLASH!!

Mike Karslake’s Model D

When the late Mike Karslake's Lambretta Museum went up for auction in the early 1990s, the scooters were scattered across the four corners, many to become insignificant Lambrettas once more. However his restored Model D with the reg number LAM 150D stood out for all the right reasons, and the story of what happened to … Continue reading Mike Karslake’s Model D