Rare Classic Scooters Unearthed in New ScooterNova Magazine

Always striving to bring you the most interesting scooter related articles we can, ScooterNova is proud to have a trio of rare classics in the brand new edition of the magazine.

Inside number 30 we have the first Vespa Sprint from 1960 with autolube, or Automatic Fuelmix as it was named at the time. Yes, for all those that think autolube didn’t arrive until the introduction of the P-range during the 1970s this may be a revelation!

On to the 1980s and we have the story of a brand new Spanish Lambretta recently discovered in Italy. We pair that with another already residing in the UK and begin the story of the Lambretta in Spain during that decade.

Rewind to the 1950s and if you’ve not seen an MV Agusta scooter before, we’ve got one of those too. Featured alongside the popular Lambretta D125 from Innocenti, we look at what was the best of 1951.

Back to today and we have a fine selection of customised scooter to appreciate, including a couple of GPs; the street racer Agony to Ecstasy and the reborn Twister.

From Scotland another stunning street racer, this time based on a classic 1959 Vespa Gran Sport. And for those who enjoy engineering, a very normal looking auto-powered Lambretta Slimstyle and a cutdown, Room 101.

We’ve also been out enjoying the ride, this time on a couple for shop demonstrators fitted with the new Scuderia Lambretta Veloce small block kits; a perfect antidote to damp winter’s day.
Meanwhile Keith reports on the tough mid-wales Cwmpass ride he undertook last summer.

Looking back, Vittorio brings us the birth of the Baby Lambretta, while in Belgium two Specials are reunited back on the road.

Rob from the Modrapheniacs SC takes us behind the scenes of the 1978 filming of Quadrophenia and ponders whether his ridden scooter had any effect on the final cut…

All these plus the usual product news and reviews, packed into 100 quality pages of scooters from cover to cover in edition 30 of ScooterNova magazine. Pre-order your copy today via this link, or why not subscribe here and never miss one on the future by having it delivered to your door.


Edition 30 (March/April) of ScooterNova magazine is published on 25 February 2022. ScooterNova is an independent magazine, produced and published by scooterists, for scooterists. It is available from all good scooter shops and via mail order from our secure online shop here.