Paul Karslake RIP

We’re sad to announce that artist, scooterist and friend Paul Karslake has sadly passed away after battling pneumonia, according to the Southend Echo website. Privately I’d received a couple of telephone calls from concerned people who had heard rumours, and the family have recently confirmed that the rumours are sadly true.  Born in 1958 and … Continue reading Paul Karslake RIP

Mike Karslake’s Model D

When the late Mike Karslake's Lambretta Museum went up for auction in the early 1990s, the scooters were scattered across the four corners, many to become insignificant Lambrettas once more. However his restored Model D with the reg number LAM 150D stood out for all the right reasons, and the story of what happened to … Continue reading Mike Karslake’s Model D

Amphibious Lambretta J-range on film

Doing the rounds recently amongst the daily newspapers, is a story of a chap who has discovered a load of old photos from somewhere in Kent, among which is a 1960s press photo of a Lambretta being 'ridden' in the water off the beach in Brighton. Chris Hodge is the chap in question, from Chislehurst, … Continue reading Amphibious Lambretta J-range on film

50 Years of the AF S-Type Lambretta

2014 is the 50th anniversary of the iconic AF S-Type Lambretta scooter. Developed by Watford scooter dealer Arthur Francis back in 1964 to sell more scooters, the AF S-Type has become probably the most well-known of all  the dealer special scooters of all time.Arthur Francis had a formidable reputation for tuning Lambrettas (and Vespas, but … Continue reading 50 Years of the AF S-Type Lambretta

Jo Wood / Karslake on a Lambretta scooter again!

Well you seemed to like the last one so here's another! It's Jo Wood (née Jo Karslake) appearing in an advert for Two Four Accessories Ltd back in the 1970s.   Part of the same photoshoot as the Lambretta leaflet in our last blog post, this time Two Four are promoting their range of scooter … Continue reading Jo Wood / Karslake on a Lambretta scooter again!

Jo Wood – the Lambretta Connection

Today Jo Wood is known to many for her range of organic products, as former wife of a Rolling Stone and to some, a contestant on BBCTV's Strictly Come Dancing. Before all that however, she was a model and was also photographed many a time with a Lambretta scooter or two. A well-known name in … Continue reading Jo Wood – the Lambretta Connection