3 Nation Capital Charity Scooter Run

On the 9th June 2020 Welsh scooterist Jason Ude completed the 3 Nation Capital Charity Scooter Run that he had planned 10 months earlier. With the Coronavirus outbreak he thought he would have to cancel it, but with lockdown rules changing he got in touch with the Welsh, English and Scottish officials and told them … Continue reading 3 Nation Capital Charity Scooter Run

Threat to ban classic scooters from British roads

This might sound like scaremongering, but plans are afoot to charge both two and four-wheeled vehicles of a certain age to drive in London, and if it’s not stopped now then this policy will certainly extend around the UK to other towns and cities. What is ULEZ? Transport for London (TfL) have created the ULEZ … Continue reading Threat to ban classic scooters from British roads

Adopting a Design Icon

The Design Museum in London closed back in May in preparation for a move from its location on the River Thames near Tower Bridge, west to its new location on Kensington High Street. What has this got to do with scooters? Well, to help    with the move, the Museum are putting a dozen exhibits … Continue reading Adopting a Design Icon

STOLEN LAMBRETTA – Please help recover it

  Some low life scum has stolen Chuck's famous Series 2 TV175 off his driveway between 6pm last night and 1pm today!  The registration number is 402 TPE. I cannot tell you how devastated Chuck is as we all are. He has had this scooter from new and we all know it very well. The … Continue reading STOLEN LAMBRETTA – Please help recover it

Classically English Lambretta

Presumably because of the success Lambretta Concessionaires had with the Italian scooters in the British market, parent company Innocenti chose to use a number of 'typically British' scenes on the cover of their in-house company magazine, Notiziario. This magazine is very much sought after today by Lambretta fans the world over and this image was … Continue reading Classically English Lambretta

Important PTW Consultation

Transport for London are canvassing opinion on whether Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) should be charged to enter the capital. We urge scooter riders (and motorcyclists) all over the country to complete the consultation found by following this link and tell TfL that PTWs are a solution to congestion and pollution, not a chargeable commodity to … Continue reading Important PTW Consultation

Amphibious Lambretta J-range on film

Doing the rounds recently amongst the daily newspapers, is a story of a chap who has discovered a load of old photos from somewhere in Kent, among which is a 1960s press photo of a Lambretta being 'ridden' in the water off the beach in Brighton. Chris Hodge is the chap in question, from Chislehurst, … Continue reading Amphibious Lambretta J-range on film