3 Nation Capital Charity Scooter Run

103561934_291022138742147_7040365538699339170_nOn the 9th June 2020 Welsh scooterist Jason Ude completed the 3 Nation Capital Charity Scooter Run that he had planned 10 months earlier.

With the Coronavirus outbreak he thought he would have to cancel it, but with lockdown rules changing he got in touch with the Welsh, English and Scottish officials and told them of his planned charity run which was to raise money for Breast Cancer Now charity.  As he was only passing through and just stopping for fuel and breaks, Jason was given permission to cross the borders.


As a rally-going scooterist feats of endurance in the saddle are nothing new to him and here are a few words from Jason himself on his latest ride:


“The ride was tough at times. Near the end I was getting very tired but the Red Bull drinks and espresso coffee boost kept me going and the weather was kind to me.


103844051_2860865457357235_8629615872236967403_n“I first left Cardiff Castle (Welsh capital) at midnight on the 9th May. From there it was across to London (English capital) then up to Edinburgh (Scottish capital) then back down to South Wales. My aim was to keep the pressure on and to do this ride in 24 hours or under, and I managed to do it in 19 hours 20 minutes. A total of 956.5 miles ridden on a Vespa GTS 250.


“I would like to thank all at our scooter club, Distant Echo for the support given and donations. Also to all the scooter community home and abroad for your kind support donations and messages. To rally organisers vfm, Tony Bryant (Lambretta Club Of Wales), Steve and Tracey Goodfellow of O’Neil Signs and Patterson’s Performance Bikes Of Barry for the kind sponsorship, and also Taryn Jane of Scooter Sounds For The NHS for all her admin help. The total amount raised was £1246 which people donated direct to Breast Cancer Now/UK via Facebook, which was a great help not having to handle cash. I was happy with this amount as I only had five days to get the donations in with it all being such short notice. I am planning my next trip already so watch out for details.”


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