FSC Remembrance Day 2021

With a tradition that goes back many years, the Foresters SC have been attending Remembrance Day events around the East London Borough of Waltham Forest on their scooters.

This year was no different, so everyone decided to initially meet up at our current club home at the Horse & Well pub in Woodford on Sunday 14 November. As soon as the last person arrived, everyone then rode straight to the Chingford Cenotaph, where the general proceedings and two-minute silence would take place.

Having caught a downpour of rain, everyone had just about managed to dry off before heading to a local community club for some ‘light refreshments’, buffet and even a DJ providing rally tunes for the club and other scooter club friends – something we will be doing again soon at our Xmas do on 4th December.

This event was also a good opportunity for most of our club to get out and ride their scooters en masse before the winter is upon us. Roll on the 2022 rally season.

We will NEVER forget them.

Ross Butler, Foresters SC Est. 1957