ScooterNova & St George – the finest quality

From the very beginning of ScooterNova magazine back in 2017, many people realised that our new magazine would change things. Scooterists were keen from the start to have their pride and joy featured within the glossy pages of the new publication, a magazine that once again was produced by fellow scooterists. The craftsmen, engineers, tuners and builders behind…

Andy Francis, builder of this fantastic custom Lambretta.

both scooters and parts were also on the phone, eager to share their latest creation. Casa Performance and Gran Turismo were two of the engine tuners who valued the option of ScooteNova on their latest performance kits, while award-winning artists like the late Paul Karslake, John Spurgeon, Richard at RDC and Dave Dickinson regularly keep in touch about their latest projects.


Enter St George

Such was the case with this stunning St George custom Lambretta that graces the pages of the new edition 28 of ScooterNova magazine (as well as the April 2022 page on our scooters wall-calendar too by the way). Built by former scooter racer and renowned scooter builder Andy Francis (of the eponymous Andy Francis Scooters), both he and Dave Dickinson at DDK Airbrushing were justifiably proud of their latest creation and Andy invited ScooterNova magazine exclusively to the unveiling at his Scooters & Soul event in Cumbria back in September.


Silloth Debut

Like everyone in attendance at the only event St George has appeared at so far, we were in awe at the absolutely stunning artwork, the quality of the airbrushing positively breathtaking. To see the scales and teeth of the dragon in so much detail for example, and to know it had all been painted, was truly amazing. In fact Dave was also attending the event, doing one of his rare live demonstrations (as seen at our ScooterExpo event on 2019) and so of course we had to speak to him as part of the seven page article on St George that appears in the new edition 28 of ScooterNova magazine.


Of course Dave wasn’t the only craftsman involved, and the article in ScooterNova also paid tribute to the late Peter Robinson and late Don Blocksidge, both of whom engraved parts featured on St George and both are sadly no longer with us.

It is not often we blow our own trumpet (despite Andy reminding us he actually has three of them to blow, as well as a saxophone!), but we are proud of what we do here at ScooterNova with our fellow scooterists. The fact that so many people want to be part of and involved with ScooterNova magazine is something we’re extremely proud of too, and it’s that pride in our work as well as the genuine passion for scooters that has remained unbroken since we first inhaled the 2-stroke all those years ago.

Indie Mag

We might be a small, independent magazine without all the frills and offices of a corporate publisher, but we love scooters and we love sharing them with as many people as possible in the best way we can; in a quality magazine that you are as proud to have on your coffee table as we are to produce for you.

St George is one of the latest in a line of what some may describe as simply the best scooters currently on the scooter scene, but rest assured there are more out there, each with their own appeal. You’ve only to check out the rest of edition 28 to discover this for yourself, from the stunning trio of Armando’s Vespas to the patina of the old Lambretta D125 and the trick modern touches on the custom Series 2 Li.

As we prepare to enter our fifth year of ScooterNova magazine we can assure you there is plenty more to come and in fact edition 29 is shaping up very nicely indeed, thank you very much.

** ScooterNova is an independent scooter magazine, published bi-monthly in the UK. Edition 28 (Nov/Dec 2021) was published on 30 October 2021 and is available from all good scooters shops, or have it delivered directly to your home via our secure online shop here.