Lambretta with SERIOUS Customisation

How far would you go to customise your favourite vehicle?  This is a 1996 Lambretta GP 200 that has had some serious cosmetic enhancement. The theme is inspired by the band The Cult. Owner Jason commissioned award-winning airbrush artist Dave Dickinson at DDK Airbrushing to paint the panel work with murals so lifelike you'll hardly … Continue reading Lambretta with SERIOUS Customisation

Top Scooter Traders at ScooterExpo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that this Sunday we’re co-hosting ScooterExpo along with our friends from SLUK. Aside from over 100 hand-picked scooters from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, there will also be quite a few traders showing off their products and services. Here’s a quick rundown of the dealers … Continue reading Top Scooter Traders at ScooterExpo

ScooterNova & St George – the finest quality

From the very beginning of ScooterNova magazine back in 2017, many people realised that our new magazine would change things. Scooterists were keen from the start to have their pride and joy featured within the glossy pages of the new publication, a magazine that once again was produced by fellow scooterists. The craftsmen, engineers, tuners … Continue reading ScooterNova & St George – the finest quality