Edition 19 – Important Covid-19 information

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During these extraordinary times, we would like to ask readers to help us make the distribution of the new edition 19 as efficient as possible.
At a time when delivery services are stretched to the limits, we are trying our best to help. If you are due to renew your subscription or regularly buy single editions of the magazine, it would help us all if you could do so as soon as possible. That way we can ship as many magazines directly from the printers in one go and reduce subsequent visits to the Post Office.
For those who usually purchase ScooterNova magazine from a scooter shop, please remember that this may not be possible this time unless you use mail-order.
We have delayed publication of ScooterNova edition 19 by a few days to allow for changes to be made and maximise pre-orders.
Thank you for your support as always, especially during these exceptional times.
Take care and stay safe – Andy, Ann & Stuart

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