Happy Birthday ScooterNova


Three years ago at Easter, with the help of Ann, Stuart Lanning and some fantastic friends, we launched the new ScooterNova magazine at Scarborough scooter rally, my new business venture through my new limited company.

Cover 001_scooternova bleed
ScooterNova magazine soon gained the reputation of a quality publication both in physical production and content, and above all with credible articles that you can enjoy and trust.
We adopted a similar policy with advertisements as well, choosing only those with products or services that we have used and trust ourselves. And three years later we still stand by these decisions. We are scooterists first and foremost and producing a credible title that we are proud of means the most to us, especially while sharing a tale with you at a show or a beer at the bar.

covers 1-12
Sadly my dad was no longer with us to see the launch of ScooterNova magazine, but my mum is as proud as punch for the both of them every time an edition is published. As am I.

scooternova template 00

There is no doubt that 2020 is going to be a tough time for all small businesses considering the current climate, but with Ann by my side, plus some amazing friends helping out beyond the call of duty,  the next edition of ScooterNova magazine is nearing completion and we’re looking ahead to the future.
Thanks to all our friends, subscribers, advertisers and stockists for your support (many of you ticking at least two of those boxes), everyone who has sold a magazine, manned the stall, helped carry magazines and merchandise to rallies and events so we can still ride our scooters as often as possible, and those who simply popped by to say hello at one of our cheese & wine parties. We truly couldn’t do it without you all.
Stay safe and hopefully see you all soon xxx

**Where possible ScooterNova magazine supports other local, independent businesses such as our scooterist friends at Crusader Promotions who produce a lot of our printed merchandise, the family run business in the West Midlands who produce our exclusive leather retro key wallets and the small business in Lancashire that produce our magazine storage cases.
ScooterNova is printed in Wales and sold through scooter shops around the world.
For further information and subscription details (we post the magazine worldwide, directly to you at home) please visit our website at www.scooternova.com