The 1962 Lambretta Rally to Istanbul (video)

Back in 1962, Lambrettista from all over Europe rode to Istanbul for a big international Lambretta scooter rally there. Those attending included scooterists from Scandinavia, Spain and the UK, many of those attending riding all the way there from their home countries.For the British contingent, this meant a ride through Europe and over the Alps, … Continue reading The 1962 Lambretta Rally to Istanbul (video)

Carnaby Street, London, 1967

London's Carnaby Street in 1967 with a Lambretta TV parked closest to the camera. This image is from a postcard so I'm sorry but we cannot provide any further information that what we can see. Still, it's a lovely old photograph that deserves to be viewed, doesn't it?

Jude Law + Vespa = Alfie

After a break from t'interweb over Christmas, taking time to have a clear-out at home led to logging on once again and visiting that well-known auction website to see if it's worth selling anything no longer wanted on there (not usually). Anyway, getting side-tracked as usual, I came across a rare film poster advertising the … Continue reading Jude Law + Vespa = Alfie

Lambretta Starstream

What is there not to like about a Lambretta J-range? The Junior range of Lambrettas were introduced by Innocenti in the 1960s in an attempt to capture the then emerging market for lightweight, small capacity scooters. Although thousands were sold, they weren't really a success, the rival Vespa cornering the market with their arguably more … Continue reading Lambretta Starstream

Classic British scooter for sale – Swallow that pre-dates Lambretta (and with a Jaguar car link!)

Spotted on ebay earlier, this 1960 British Swallow Gadabout scooter for sale, all up and running. The Swallow Sidecar Company was formed in the 1920s, producing (as their name suggests) motorcycle sidecars, as well as specialising in coachworks. In the 1930s they branched into the car market as SS Cars Ltd, although after World War … Continue reading Classic British scooter for sale – Swallow that pre-dates Lambretta (and with a Jaguar car link!)

Jo Wood – the Lambretta Connection

Today Jo Wood is known to many for her range of organic products, as former wife of a Rolling Stone and to some, a contestant on BBC TV's Strictly Come Dancing. Before all that however, she was a model and was also photographed many a time with a Lambretta scooter or two. A well-known name … Continue reading Jo Wood – the Lambretta Connection