Jude Law + Vespa = Alfie

Jude Law in the remake of Alfie.
Jude Law in the remake of Alfie.

After a break from t’interweb over Christmas, taking time to have a clear-out at home led to logging on once again and visiting that well-known auction website to see if it’s worth selling anything no longer wanted on there (not usually). Anyway, getting side-tracked as usual, I came across a rare film poster advertising the 2004 remake of Alfie, starring Jude Law and a Vespa.Now I say rare because this poster is from the American launch of the film (“in theaters November 5”), so it’s rare for us Brits – I’ve got one (pictured above), but can’t imagine many others in the UK have one of these too.

What makes this different from an ordinary film poster is that it credits Paramount Pictures as the company behind the film, and also Vespa. It seems that Vespa USA took advantage of the fact actor Jude Law rides an old Vespa in the 2004 remake of the film (now set in Manhattan, as opposed to the 1966 original starring Michael Caine which was set in London) and have used this to promote their then fairly new Vespa Gran Turismo 125 and 200c scooters to the American market.

Alfie 1966.
Alfie 1966.

As there were in 1966 for the original film, there were of course other promo posters used to market Alfie in 2004 as well, but as stylish as the lead character is, it is of course when he’s with the classic Vespa that ‘Alfie’ truly shines. Anyway, if you want a scooter related piece of cinematic history to adorn your wall, here’s the link for the 2004 Alfie poster on eBay.




5 thoughts on “Jude Law + Vespa = Alfie

  1. Hi, interesting article. We actually shipped the Vespa used in the film overseas for a collector. They bought the vehicle and we had it crated here in the UK. You can see the images on our website and even a short video. Enjoy 🙂

    1. Thank for the update Shane, and also for adding the video of the scooter – our Australian followers can keep an eye open for it down Under now!

      1. Not sure how accurate that article is as there was 2,vespas painted the same for this film one that had now wheels on and was fixed to a trailer and the other complete which I have both of complete with documentation from the film makers and from the restorer that provided them

      2. Film companies often make many vehicles for such productions so it wouldn’t surprise us if there were more still out there!

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