Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vespa beats traffic!

Not much of a story we know, but the majors consider it so, and we thought to join in with  little correction for those at the Mail Online who wrote beneath their headline "Tight squeeze! Gwyneth Paltrow beats the weekend rush as she weaves through LA traffic on her Vespa" yesterday that "Gwyneth didn't forget … Continue reading Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vespa beats traffic!

An English Roman Holiday

Everyone know Audrey Hepburn starred with Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, a film that launch the career of the Vespa scooter on the silver screen.It also did wonders for the marketing of the product, which leads me up to this post because while most will recognise the lead photo as a still from said film, … Continue reading An English Roman Holiday

Dean Martin, Lambretta Cento, hot pants & boots!

Rat Pack member Dean Martin gets a lift on a Lambretta Cento in the 1967 film The Ambushers, which according to the IMDb is a sci-fi comedy involving secret agent 'Matt Helm' and a flying saucer that only women can pilot!Martin made a series of films as secret agent Matt Helm films during the Sixties … Continue reading Dean Martin, Lambretta Cento, hot pants & boots!

Jude Law + Vespa = Alfie

After a break from t'interweb over Christmas, taking time to have a clear-out at home led to logging on once again and visiting that well-known auction website to see if it's worth selling anything no longer wanted on there (not usually). Anyway, getting side-tracked as usual, I came across a rare film poster advertising the … Continue reading Jude Law + Vespa = Alfie