Vespa & sidecar for sale – Buyer beware!

It was a combination of the £4,995 price tag and the headline of a '1965 Vespa PX 150' that caught our eye... and set alarm bells ringing! Of course having ridden Lambrettas and Vespas consistently since the 1980s and being what some may describe as 'scooter anoraks', these alarm bells may ring more easily for … Continue reading Vespa & sidecar for sale – Buyer beware!

Gorgeous Vespa GL Street Rod

Scooter and Service of Hamburg, Germany (S+S), have got themselves a bit of a reputation for producing some seriously trick street Vespas – we've featured a few here over the last year, like this piece of scooter porn, the scooter it was being fitted to here, and this tidy Vespa Cosa too. Well here is … Continue reading Gorgeous Vespa GL Street Rod

An English Roman Holiday

Everyone know Audrey Hepburn starred with Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, a film that launch the career of the Vespa scooter on the silver screen.It also did wonders for the marketing of the product, which leads me up to this post because while most will recognise the lead photo as a still from said film, … Continue reading An English Roman Holiday

Scooter & Service, Hamburg – Vespa Husqvarna WR 250 update

You may remember our post back on 4 January 2014 titled S&S Scooter Porn in which we first brought you details of this automotive work of art...Scooter & Service of Hamburg began working on this demonstrator of their's last year, but as is often the way, customers' scooters take priority. The good new for both … Continue reading Scooter & Service, Hamburg – Vespa Husqvarna WR 250 update

Another Milanese scooter – the ISO

Iso Rivolta began before World War 2 Isothermos as a manufacturer of refrigeration units. Post war however, they joined numerous other Italian companies in mobilising the masses. Iso's first vehicles were small capacity motorcycles and some basic looking scooters, but in 1958 they launched their new 150 scooter (also to be their last), which blended … Continue reading Another Milanese scooter – the ISO

The World’s Lowest Vespa? Check out this video!

There's little more to add to this other than if you want to see possibly the maddest looking, low-rider Vespa being ridden on  public road – three-up – and you don't live in Indonesia, then spend 40 seconds of your life watching this video. You won't regret it!