Destination Scarborough

We're very much looking forward to riding to Scarborough Scooter Rally this weekend, what with Easter being so late this year. No matter how much you may ride your scooter throughout the year, nothing really compares tosetting off on a scooter rally!ScooterNova magazine will of course have a stall at the event, which is centred … Continue reading Destination Scarborough

Lambretta MooN – hot rod style

This French Lambretta LD had spent many years gently residing in a barn, until it was discovered upon when it became destined for better things. We're not sure who exactly to credit at the various stages of modification, so forgive us if we're wrong. April 2015 and the Bullish Brothers have posted the pictures here … Continue reading Lambretta MooN – hot rod style

Project 5 – another Butcher Garage Vespa

In October of last year we brought you news and pictures of a couple of stunning Vespas  from behind the former Iron Curtain, and now, 12 months later here's another to appreciate. Like before, this Vespa – Project 5 – is from the Butcher Garage in St Petersburg, albeit this time a smallframe with little … Continue reading Project 5 – another Butcher Garage Vespa

Hot Rod custom Vespas from Russia

Butcher Garage are in St Petersburg, Russia, and they caught our eye recently with a couple of stunning custom Vespa scooters. First there's Bender,  about which Butcher Garage state "at the core of this project is that what remained of the 1966 Vespa 150 Super after a Huey unloaded all of its firepower might on … Continue reading Hot Rod custom Vespas from Russia

Gorgeous Vespa GL Street Rod

Scooter and Service of Hamburg, Germany (S+S), have got themselves a bit of a reputation for producing some seriously trick street Vespas – we've featured a few here over the last year, like this piece of scooter porn, the scooter it was being fitted to here, and this tidy Vespa Cosa too. Well here is … Continue reading Gorgeous Vespa GL Street Rod