New Pinasco Vespa 200 engine

The last Vespa PX200 was produced by Piaggio back in 2002, EU regulations outlawing this humble commuter scooter from then on. While spare parts were produced by Piaggio for a few year afterwards – and some still are today – as any Vespa enthusiast knows, the quality of these is not always that good. If … Continue reading New Pinasco Vespa 200 engine

Vespa Club of Britain Challenge 

The Vespa Club of Britain offers a new challenge for its members in 2015, taking a slightly different route (metaphorically!) to the usual club membership trophies competed for today. Instead of the now regular 'events attendance' championship (which the club are also running) the Regional Competition is more about riding your scooter at your own … Continue reading Vespa Club of Britain Challenge 

70s TV advert – the ubiquitous Vespa PX

Back in 1977, Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio launched not just a new Vespa scooter but a new range of Vespas. I'm sure they didn't realise back then that they'd still be manufacturing a PX in 2015, but they are, and this Italian television advert shows the first models in the range from 1977... Vespa P-range … Continue reading 70s TV advert – the ubiquitous Vespa PX

170hp Vespa? Pure Madness!!

Fancy something different? This is Vespa P-range scooter had had a 1000cc engine stuffed into it and now puts out a whopping 170hp! We found this over at the Scooter Center website, where you can find out more details. If you can't wait to click, then the basics are that the engine and forks are … Continue reading 170hp Vespa? Pure Madness!!

Where art meets Vespa (again)

The curvaceous lines of the Vespa scooter has long been seen as art themselves, which is probably why they have subsequently attracted the attention of artists looking for a new canvas upon which to display their talents. The latest is South African Richard Scott who recently collaborated with Vespa SA to create the Joyride exhibition. Apparently … Continue reading Where art meets Vespa (again)

New geared 200cc Ape from Piaggio

Despite everyone in the world of scooter manufacturing favouring automatic (CVT) engines these days, Italian firm Piaggio have launched a new version of their three-wheeled Ape, with a 4-speed engine. Launched back in the 1940s shortly after their Vespa scooter, Piaggio developed the Vespa Ape (as it was known back then) as a small commercial … Continue reading New geared 200cc Ape from Piaggio