The Vespa P-range: One of the best?

When Piaggio launched their 'Nuova Linea' of Vespa scooters in 1977 I wonder if anybody at the Italian factory in Pontedera ever considered that 40 years later we would finally say goodbye to it? I've had few myself over the years, 125, 150 and 200cc versions, ridden thousands of miles through numerous countries on them … Continue reading The Vespa P-range: One of the best?

LML – What does the future hold?

The story of LML scooters is a chequered one, probably more so than any other Italian scooter that ended up being produced in India. But what lies ahead for  the last manufacturer of geared scooters outside of Italy? By the way, when we say "last manufacturer of geared scooters" we are aware Piaggio recently ceased … Continue reading LML – What does the future hold?

Vespa PX video – 70 years of Vespa

It's Monday morning, it's 2016 and so we're still celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Vespa scooter. So what more excuse do we need to share with you a rarely seen Piaggio television advertisement for the Vespa P-range from the 1970s. If you were watching TV or visited the cinema in Italy back then you … Continue reading Vespa PX video – 70 years of Vespa

Christmas Boredom? Scooter films!

Over-indulged in food, drink and relatives already? If you're looking for a break from festivities then can we cordially invite you to check out some of the film footage we've come across and posted on our main website? We reckon you'll like them and viewing them and they should kill time until your next turkey … Continue reading Christmas Boredom? Scooter films!

70s TV advert – the ubiquitous Vespa PX

Back in 1977, Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio launched not just a new Vespa scooter but a new range of Vespas. I'm sure they didn't realise back then that they'd still be manufacturing a PX in 2015, but they are, and this Italian television advert shows the first models in the range from 1977... Vespa P-range … Continue reading 70s TV advert – the ubiquitous Vespa PX

EuroVespa 85 – Vespa World Days 2015

Back in 2006, the annual EuroVespa rally became World Vespa Days, part of Piaggio's Vespa World Club, but for many it will still be known as the EuroVespa. Back in 1985 the event was held in Frankfurt, Germany, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Vespa Club of Frankfurt. To commemorate this milestone, the … Continue reading EuroVespa 85 – Vespa World Days 2015

170hp Vespa? Pure Madness!!

Fancy something different? This is Vespa P-range scooter had had a 1000cc engine stuffed into it and now puts out a whopping 170hp! We found this over at the Scooter Center website, where you can find out more details. If you can't wait to click, then the basics are that the engine and forks are … Continue reading 170hp Vespa? Pure Madness!!