Vespa 946 Christian Dior

  The Vespa 946 was launched in 2013, a new model to the range taking inspiration from the Vespa prototype MP6 produced in 1946. In my opinion, this is one … Continue reading Vespa 946 Christian Dior

Charity patch raises over £1000

Congratulations to everyone who purchased one of the special 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' scooter rally patches recently, you've helped raise a grand total of £1152 for NHS charities. Designed by … Continue reading Charity patch raises over £1000

Lambretta dl/GP at 50

So how many of you have a Bertone-designed Lambretta dl/ Grand Prix scooter or one of its derivatives? And do you really know everything about this classic Italian model? The … Continue reading Lambretta dl/GP at 50

Where art meets Vespa (again)

The curvaceous lines of the Vespa scooter has long been seen as art themselves, which is probably why they have subsequently attracted the attention of artists looking for a new … Continue reading Where art meets Vespa (again)

The liquid-cooled Vespa GS that never happened

Paolo Martin is an Italian car designer who has also dabbled with two wheelers as well over the years. Amongst others, he's known for his work with names such as … Continue reading The liquid-cooled Vespa GS that never happened

Vespa Segway, Chair and (weird) light from Spain

Found on the AutoEvolution site, a design company in Spain has redesigned the Segway electric personal transport vehicle (I don't really know what else to call it!), using Vespa parts … Continue reading Vespa Segway, Chair and (weird) light from Spain