Lambretta dl/GP at 50

So how many of you have a Bertone-designed Lambretta dl/ Grand Prix scooter or one of its derivatives? And do you really know everything about this classic Italian model?


The last brand new Lambretta scooter to be designed and produced rolled off the line in 1969. Known as the dl to most (Grand Prix to the UK market), after Innocenti closed their doors on scooter production in 1971 the tooling and brand names were sold to the Indian government and once production restarted there under the SIL name it continued until 1997. This means the Lambretta dl/Grand Prix lasted in production for almost as long as Innocenti produced Lambretta scooters from start to finish!

Celebrating 50 years of this classic two-wheeler, the article in the latest edition of ScooterNova magazine not only honours the work of Italian designer Bertone but also looks at some of the facts and myths surrounding this legendary scooter. Complete with some rare archive images, sales leaflets, advertising and designed over seven pages, edition 16 of ScooterNova magazine is available now from all good scooter shops or have it delivered direct to your home and order from our secure online shop.

Not many people can improve upon a design classic, but this customised Lambretta GP200, Phantasmagoria embellishing the stylish lines of the scooter perfectly.

Of course it’s not all Lambretta in ScooterNova magazine. We celebrate 50 years of the Vespa 50 Special too, look at the Moto Guzzi Galletto and discover a SS180 reunited with its Isle of Man ’69 owner/rider…


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