Vespa 946 Christian Dior


The Vespa 946 was launched in 2013, a new model to the range taking inspiration from the Vespa prototype MP6 produced in 1946. In my opinion, this is one of the most stylish of the modern automatic Vespa scooters Piaggio have produced, almost risqué in design you could say.

However the decision was made that the 946 was to be a premium model in the Vespa range, hand built, almost bespoke, and as such it carried a price tag accordingly.


Vespa 946 Emporio Armani.

After the first production run, Piaggio then decided continue offering the 946 in special editions, one being the RED to help raise money for AIDS charities, another being a collaboration in 2015 with fashion house Emporio Armani.

The latest version of this stylish, single cylinder 125cc 4-stroke, 3 valve, air-cooled Vespa is the Christian Dior, produced in conjunction with the Parisian couture house  that was founded in the same year as the Vespa, 1946. The new model was designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director of Dior women’s collections. The scooter is made by Piaggio in Italy. The colour of the Vespa 946 Christian Dior body is exclusive and made together with Dior creative Department, as well as the gold colour for the finishing touches. The saddle is in real blue-leather with ‘ton sur ton’ seams; the handles are covered with blue-leather and the seams are ton sur ton and the support is finished with a ‘Dior Monogram’ original fabric upholstery.

On the right side of the vehicle there are some exclusive decals with the ‘Christian Dior Paris’ logo, while on the left side there is apparently the possibility to personalise the Vespa. The luggage hook under the saddle has the exclusive ‘Christian Dior’ logo.

Christian Dior with accessories.

Echoing the design of the saddle, a top case patterned with the Dior Oblique motif – designed by Marc Bohan in 1967 – has been designed specifically to be fixed on the luggage rack. A helmet adorned with the same iconic motif completes the unique range.

Michele Colaninno (CEO of the Immsi Group and Piaggio’s Chief of Product and Marketing Strategy) said, “In these unprecedented times, it is great to be able to dream of a better future. The House of Dior opened its doors in 1946 in Paris, the same year that Vespa made its debut in Italy. This new Vespa 946 celebrates that anniversary and honors our heritage. Today, like yesterday, we have gone through a dark period and now we are joining forces to share some joie de vivre through a combination of style and craftsmanship. This partnership between Vespa and Dior represents a celebration of beauty.”

As unique as the 946 Dior is, if I won the lottery I think my money would still go on a satin black Armani Vespa for me personally.
These limited-edition Vespa creations will launch in spring 2021 in Dior boutiques around the world and subsequently in a selection of Piaggio Group’s Motoplex stores. For more details on the Vespa range visit the website here.



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