The Giorgio Armani Vespa 946 Collection

Have you recently won the lottery? Or are you one of those people who feels that the rare ‘hand built’ Vespa 946 scooters are not exclusive enough? Well, we’ve got good news for you then folks!

Celebrating 130 years of the Piaggio Group (remember, they manufactured trains and planes before turning to scooters after World War 2), and the 40th of the Giorgio Armani brand, Vespa have joined forces with legendary fashion guru Giorgio Armani to produce an even more limited edition version of the Vespa 946 called the Emporio Armani.

This new version of the gorgeous (if very expensive) Vespa 946 id finished “with a special combination of greys with subtle hints of green visible only under particular light conditions” and the “metallic parts have been treated in order to convey a matt effect in line with the body finishings.”

An ‘Emporio Armani’ badge appears on the side, while brand logo also sits above the headlight and on the fuel filler cap.

Underneath the designer exterior is the usual 946 running gear of a 125 (or 150) cc 4-stroke 3v air-cooled automatic engine,  front and rear disc brakes with ABS, traction control, and even electronics that allow web connectivity with this scooter.

The Vespa 946 Emporio Armani is being produced in a limited run of individually numbered units, and sold in “the world’s most important cities starting from June.”

No price has been quoted yet, but guaranteed it won’t be cheap – the regular Vespa 946 won’t leave you with much change from £9,000 in the UK – and we’re sure the matching leather case and helmet will be extra too!

Finally, to complete the look Armani have also produced a range of Emporio Armani Vespa 946 clothing too, presuming you’re in the market for a branded baseball cap at £65, a T-shirt at £95 or sweatshirt at £225, to name but a few.






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  1. It’s very nice looking, and definitely one for the collectors. But even if it wasn’t Emporio Armani I wouldn’t consider it for myself. I like way more scoot in my scooter.

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