New Vespa Options and Piaggio Electric launched at Eicma 2022

The Piaggio Group have announced new models to be unveiled at Eicma in Milan today, with motorcycles from Moto Guzzi and Aprilia (including an electric motorbike), while the new scooters consist of updated GTS and GTV Vespas, striking new colours for the Primavera model and 946, plus the latest electric Piaggio 1 scooter. Starting from … Continue reading New Vespa Options and Piaggio Electric launched at Eicma 2022

The Giorgio Armani Vespa 946 Collection

Have you recently won the lottery? Or are you one of those people who feels that the rare 'hand built' Vespa 946 scooters are not exclusive enough? Well, we've got good news for you then folks! Celebrating 130 years of the Piaggio Group (remember, they manufactured trains and planes before turning to scooters after World … Continue reading The Giorgio Armani Vespa 946 Collection

Where art meets Vespa (again)

The curvaceous lines of the Vespa scooter has long been seen as art themselves, which is probably why they have subsequently attracted the attention of artists looking for a new canvas upon which to display their talents. The latest is South African Richard Scott who recently collaborated with¬†Vespa SA to create the Joyride exhibition. Apparently … Continue reading Where art meets Vespa (again)

The New Vespa Bellissima

For 2014 Piaggio have finally announced the new Vespa Bellissima, which if it looks familiar is this year's 'version' of the Vespa 946. If like us you didn't realise, after it's launch the 2013 model was subsequently named the Ricordo Italiano, allowing Piaggio to make a few tweaks and tease us all with another limited … Continue reading The New Vespa Bellissima

Vespa & Peroni

So by now you've seen the video posted a few days ago and know the young lady is rushing to get herself a Peroni beer.¬†Coincidentally, Nastro Azzurro is a favourite here at Scooternova, so we know how she feels... Anyway, being Italian, are of course no strangers to the Vespa scooter, and here are a … Continue reading Vespa & Peroni

1950s Lambretta line up – lacklustre or not?

It's easy to look at today's line up of modern Vespa scooters and condemn it for being boring, especially if you're a diehard Lambretta fan, but is that really fair? After all Lambretta weren't exactly setting the world alight all of the time... So today we have the Vespa GTS which comes as 125 and … Continue reading 1950s Lambretta line up – lacklustre or not?