The New Vespa Bellissima

For 2014 Piaggio have finally announced the new Vespa Bellissima, which if it looks familiar is this year's 'version' of the Vespa 946. If like us you didn't realise, after it's launch the 2013 model was subsequently named the Ricordo Italiano, allowing Piaggio to make a few tweaks and tease us all with another limited … Continue reading The New Vespa Bellissima

Vespa 946 – would you buy one?

Back in November 2011, Piaggio announced a new Vespa to their range, the Vespa Quarantasei, aka the Vespa 46.   My first impression was 'what a stunning scooter'. It's both futuristic and yet also manages to nod to the past, Piaggio explaining the name referred back to the last pre-production prototype, the MP6 and the … Continue reading Vespa 946 – would you buy one?