Vespa World Days 2015, Croatia


It’s difficult when two big international events clash, so we flipped a coin and the EuroLambretta in Austria won. Nevertheless, we’d be failing if we didn’t bring you a little report from Croatia, so thanks to   Piaggio’s own press office, here are some images from Vespa World Days 2015.


Held over four days from 11 to 14 June, an estimated 5,000 Vespas attended over the period representing 32 countries. Rideouts and gala dinners formed the agenda, with a fireworks display to bring it all to a close.
Now the Vespisti can look forward to 2016 when the Vespa Club of France will host the Vespa World Days rally in the Cote d’Azur, Saint Tropez.


VWD2015(1)   VWD2015(4)

VWD2015 VWD2015(6) VWD2015(5)


4 thoughts on “Vespa World Days 2015, Croatia

  1. Two words: Stripey scooter!

    Strictly speaking I’m a Lambretta rider (but, only because I don’t own a Vespa – let’s not make this a ManU vs Man City thing!) but, I think I drooled a little bit over the stripey Vespa. Excellent post, I really enjoyed the photos. I’ve taken the liberty of sharing it to my Facebook page, I hope you done mind?

    Beccy (The Mod Closet)

    1. Thank you for your comment. That one caught our eye too!
      And you’re more than welcome to share this and any other posts on this blog.

  2. Hello! I work for the Quarto Group, the world’s largest publisher of illustrated nonfiction. We’re working on a book for our Motorbooks imprint called The Life Vespa, which will celebrate all aspects of Vespa scooters and the thriving culture that surrounds them. We would love to include the photo at the top of this post in our book. Please contact me if that’s something you’re interested in!

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